Reflecting on 2016 – My first year blogging!


Happy new year everyone! I hope everyone had a good year. 2016 was a time that represented my adventure as a Blogger! I had so much fun exploring¬†things hence the name marcusexplores ūüėČ I must admit I did not know what blogging direction to go into this year – so my content over the year has been completely random!


Looking back…¬†I can see how much I have improved with my blogging skills, communication and putting myself out on the blogging landscape. ¬†It was a bit of a trial & error with getting there as I know not all of my posts¬†were perfect as I have looked back at all of them. But at the same time, I have had a blast and think that I have created some amazing posts too. I have grown so much within 2016 and gained much more experience.

Events planning!

A memorable moment had to be for me had to be my account of LDNXY (Summer Jam) which celebrated the talents of young people in London. You can catch my full experience of the event on my other blog: I was chosen to be part of a six week course where we visited music festivals and events around London. I believe that by taking part in this course it has motivated me to continue with the creative aspect of blogging.

I also got feedback on the course from experts and my fellow course mates on how to improve with my blogging. The potential was all there I just had to find it and I am still working on improving as I know that you get better with consistency. Focusing more on this particular event,it was a great success, with almost 300 people in attendance. My role was on the marketing team. You can catch a bit about what we were offering here >>¬†LDNXY ‚Äď Creative Summer Jam [Project]



I remember this year creating my recipe posts Рmost of which were inspired mostly by my own take on an original recipes and I also remember one being a family soup recipe which always goes down well in this time of the year. Check it out here >> How to make a healthy Pumpkin Chicken noodle soup…

Can we also just take a moment to realise how great these Brownies turned out! They were really quick and simple to make and tasted amazing.Who doesn’t like a brownie?


My more recent blog posts explore some of the projects that I was involved in during 2016. I helped with the social media /marketing for The Swarm, an immersive bee opera about honey bee swarms.This project was so enjoyable and all the London dates were sold out. Good news! There will be more shows in 2017 of The Swarm. Yes. They are going to perform again. I can’t wait to help again as it was a fun project to be a part of. Don’t miss The Swarm in February!

The Swarm flyer.jpg

I also did a couple of vlogs which are available on my blog. I was going to post weekly vlogs but due to timing and also priorities¬†I don’t know whether I’ll have time to continue this. I want to focus more on blogging more and expanding Marcusexplores further. However, I think it’d be nice to post an update vlog every now and then and definitely will¬†use YouTube more in the future.

Future blogging plans!

I  have become more clear of what direction to take in my blogging . As I have a passion for music and anyone that knows me or read my blog knows that I am a lover of creative things!

I am pleased to announce that I will be transforming my blog mainly into a music-related blog! I am always listening to music¬†and¬†love to discover what the next big song of the year is or who the next big star is. So it wasn’t too difficult to think what to do with my blog next…

I am also going to change the layout of my blog, and lots more… So stay tuned for when I make my first post of 2017!

I’d like to thank everyone that has supported me on my blogging journey so far as it has truly motivated me and can’t wait to continue blogging 2017.

Make sure that you connect with me on social media to keep up to date with my blogging ventures.



22 things I have learnt in life


I did a quick Google search and “22 is the most powerful of all numbers” – So I guess I am quite curious as to what this number means to me. It’s also my birthday today (22 Dec) so I am sharing ¬†22 things that I have learnt so far in 22 of being alive. It’s quite self-reflective… Have a look:

  1. No-one knows you better than yourself.
  2. It’s important to live in the present.
  3. Each day or week I learn something new!
  4. Best to be real.
  5. I am little obsessed with clothes!
  6. Blogging has changed my life.
  7. Good food & cooking makes the world a much better place (lol).
  8. Nobody is perfect!
  9. It’s okay to be quiet sometimes!
  10. My self-belief has made me stronger.
  11. Challenges can stretch your mind for the better.
  12. Negativity is a form of procrastination.
  13. Life is full of surprises.
  14. Can’t cope without music.
  15. I am calm – most if not all the time.
  16. Words are powerful.
  17. Effort is worth the outcome
  18. There is so much to explore in this world..
  19. I get along with everybody.
  20. The buzz I get from music events is unbelievable.
  21. I have made some great friends this year.
  22. Time is precious.