Welcome to my music / creativity blog!


Just celebrated 1 year of blogging and I have taken the decision to re-create my blog into something bigger and better.

The name of this blog ‘marcusexplores‘ came about out of the blue. I started this blog around January and since then have been trying my best to post regularly. The name of this blog for me represents an exploration of my mind. It’s like stepping into my shoes and seeing things from a individual perspective. So this jumps to my next point…

What do I post about?

I’ve been asked this question on a daily basis. My content used to be quite random. But it is 2017 and decided it’s time for a change. I will dedicating this blog to a new music blog. It will vary from music news – music playlists. I will post quite regular and hope you enjoy what I have to bring!

So now that I have shared a bit about my blog and how I post. I  want to collaborate with more Bloggers. So if you are interested. Get in contact with me via. Twitter on @markzfocus! Alternatively, you can contact me via this contact form below.


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